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  • Item 7084PU

    This Beautiful Concealed carry purse is the perfect size for an everyday carry Handbag. Strong durable vegan leather with wire reinforced anti-theft shoulder strap. Front of the bag is designed with a perfect pocket for small items, and a magnetic snap for closure is added which makes it perfect for quick access. The main compartment is split into 2 with multiple pockets inside. The divider itself is a zippered compartment. The backside is designed with a pocket specifically made for a cellphone. This cellphone pocket fits all touch screen cellphones including the iPhone and Android. This purse is perfect for Crossbody or shoulder bag, depending on your comfort. The concealment Pocket is located on both Right and left-hand size making this bag ambidextrous. The concealment pocket includes a holster with a retention strap to hold the gun in place. The gun holster is made of Velcro and can be positioned to your liking. The holster is designed to fit any gun that will fit in the dimensions of the concealment pocket. Our concealment pocket zippers are made by YKK which is one of the leading zipper manufactures in the world. the YKK zippers are lockable and come with a set of 4 keys that open either size. Locking your purse is optional although we recommend keeping your gun out of the reach of children and we want to give you the tools to do so. 
  • Size:
    9½"x 9½"x 3"
    Concealment pocket size: 6½"x 9"
    Vegan Leather
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